We specialize in custom material processing.

Our experienced team will cut, shape and weld materials to your specifications. We are a one-stop-shop: Order the products you need, have them customized to your specifications, and get fast, free delivery. Our goal is to minimize work for you—saving you time and money.

Sawing, Shearing & Flame Cutting

We have three bandsaws on site that are capable of miter cutting.  We flame cut plate ⅜" thick through 4½", and our Cincinnati Shear is capable of cutting sheet as thin as 22 gauge and as heavy as ¼” square and accurate. If you need materials cut quickly and accurately, we offer same-day service.


Our Lincoln 255 MIG Welding Machine allows our experienced welders to weld any kind of house columns or miscellaneous metals that you require.

Hole Punching

We specialize in steel flitch plates. Our team can produce holes as small as ⅛" diameter and as large as 4¼" diameter. We have Hougen and Milwaukee magnetic drill presses, manual punches and ironworkers, and automatic CNC punches and drill presses.


If necessary, we will work with one of our many partners from around the country to deliver you a premium, cost-effective product. Our partnerships ensure that your order is efficiently handled by the most experienced professionals in the industry.